Fire Evacuation

Fire Evacuation is a life saving tool that everyone should be familiar with and understand. In a fire, you will only have a few minutes from the sounding of the smoke alarm to when your life is seriously threatened by fire or smoke. It is very important that you prepare and practice an escape plan, and that everyone in the household and/or workplace knows what to do in an emergency.

You Should:
  • Start with a floor diagram of the home and make sure you have approved smoke detectors fitted
  • Make sure that everyone knows the sound of the smoke alarm and what to do if a fire occurs
  • Plan escape routes. Identify a primary escape route out of every room, then pick a secondary route in case the first is blocked by fire. Always plan two ways out of each room
  • Select a meeting place outside the household and/or workplace (e.g. the letterbox, car park,)
  • Make sure everyone in your household knows to meet there should a fire occur in your home
  • Dial triple zero (000) - the number to call in an emergency - from a neighbors home or mobile phone.